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At Technical Intelligence Ltd we have developed a unique reporting tool that allows you to import your datasets giving you full control of your high level reports.

As this tool is web based, this can be viewed on any Tablet, Mobile device, PC, iPad that has access to your networks. This will be a full deployment of the application on your web server and with the ability to configure the front end to give the look and feel of your business.

Our reports generator, allows you to customise what you want to measure from your data sources. This will also allow you to select what you need on the "X" and "Y" Axis to your next drill down. There is also the option to select a Cost and Count measure if needed.

Other options available such as charts, hide totals, percentages, and a built in data extraction tool for .csv's giving you full control over data.

Print functions to MS Excel, MS Word and PDF format with every report.

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Other features available to manage security and access control:

1:    Assign organisation and user rights to specific reports
2:    Add new users and edit user roles
3:    Add or amend your organisation structure to access reports
4:    Save/bookmark reports for easy access when returning to your area

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